Dear English speaking friends of the autoharp!

On this page, I’d like to summarize for you my Web site’s information, which addresses German concert organizers and visitors.

The AutoharpSinger

In Germany the autoharp  is a very rare instrument. You wouldn’t find here any player having regular concerts. There are just a handful of nice people who play and care seriously.
Although I consider myself a singer in the first place and use the instrument for accompaniment mostly, I am today the only German who is doing regular solo-concerts with the autoharp.
My repertoire consists of folksongs, chansons, blues and traditional German songs - all this in three languages, German, English and French.
In my concerts throughout the country I present my new CD.

Alexandre Zindel

I am a graduate from the music-academy in cologne. There I studied jazz and pop singing. My second instrument then was the piano and my greatest “hobby” still is songwriting. I’ve had the chance to do a full production of my songs with a famous German radio-big band (WDR-Big Band). I have had few releases of CDs with major and small companies with other band-projects and commercial projects. I have done jobs for radio, TV and for the industry and I sang background for some national stars.
I am now mostly touring solo and singing in and touring with a duo “Two High” with the guitarist Markus Segschneider.

The other Pages

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+Autoharp – general information on the instrument (the link below guides you to some English sites).

+Programme – Here you find infos about my current concert- program. (For the outdoor-season, I mix the
                           concert-program with famous songs from the 60ies through to the 80ies (I call it
                           “AutoharpSinger plus”). And I have a Christmas program, too.)

TERMINE – are the concert dates (solo and duo).

AUDIO & VIDEO – is just that.

FOTOS – are photos.

STIMMEN – are press and guestbook comments.

CDsmay be ordered by sending me an e-mail (payment via paypal - 15 $ per cd + shipping)
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