Used by permission by the Autoharp Quarterly

The Autoharp Quarterly
25th Anniversary Song Writing Contest Winners

First place winner is Barbara Dace of Sacramento, California, for
her song “36 Strings.” Barbara has been a fixture of the left coast
autoharp scene for some time, and is known for writing songs with
clever lyrics, which she displays with a beautiful voice. Barbara
has no recordings for sale that I know of, but we hope that changes
in the near future. You can find Barbara on Facebook.

Second place went to seasoned performer and song writer Eileen
Kozloff of Lakewood Ranch, Florida. She won for her storysong
“Down To The South Pole.” Eileen has performed with the
group The Well Tempered String band and as a solo artist. She
performs at festivals, including autoharp festivals, in the US and
internationally. You can see her work and find some very fine
music at:

Third place belongs to Alexandre Zindel of Pulheim, Germany.
Alexandre’s latest album, Von Kopf bis Fub is reviewed by Nan
Bovington on page 42 of this publication. He is a performer,
singer song writer in his native germany, and we have talked about
the possibility of bringing his talents to the USA at some future
point. Of special note, Alexandre entered several original songs in
the contest, and three of them were in the finals.Y ou can see more
about Alexandre here:

The winning songs can be heard on our website